Friday, 20 November 2015

The final countdown... Part 1 D-11 and counting

Here we are, after around 6 weeks in Kourou, we have now entered the so-called combined operations phase which is when the Spacecraft is finally prepared for launch.

Launch day - 11 and we are mating the now fully fuelled spacecraft with the payload adapter of the Vega rocket.  This is the adapter through which we will power the spacecraft during the coming days for check out and during the launch.

You may remember the post from earlier this year titled "the shoe fits"... well that was the so called fit check with this adapter.  Now, we are going to integrate the two for flight.

Tune in again for the developments in the countdown to the launch of Lisa Pathfinder.

Lifting up from the fuelling adapter 
Over she goes...
Safely on the launcher adapter.

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